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How a part time finance director can make a difference

I’m delighted to have been part of Silver Lining Solutions’ celebrations earlier this month winning the UK Business Angels "Best Female Investment of the Year" award (the entry was nominated by Catapult Venture Managers and the award was supported by the Aspire Fund).

Planning to plan

Whenever I sit down to write an article my mind goes blank and all the great things I wanted to write about seem to evaporate from my memory. In effect the message I want to convey does not easily translate itself easily to the written word. When I finally find my ‘muse’ and start writing, I end up rewriting my articles a number of times until I am happy. So why is this…

Brands and Values – are they the same?

This is a guest blog entry from David Jenkins of i2i Management. Click here for David’s blog page. This article as it eloquently explains the importance of brands, both positive and negative and reflects on how well a company embraces its brands throughout the organisation.


Organic Growth or Acquisition – How should I grow?

I heard an interview on Radio 4’s Bottomline programme recently when Evan Davis was joined by Luke Johnson, chairman of Risk Capital Partners; Vincent de Rivaz, chief executive of EDF Energy; and Jacqueline de Rojas, UK and Ireland vice president of McAfee.

Business Planning – a Guide

Running your own business can be extremely demanding, with so much to worry about, it’s easy to get engrossed in day-to-day problems and forget the bigger picture. However, successful businesses invest time to create and manage budgets and business plans and regularly monitor performance.

Cash Is King!

It is a well known fact that more businesses fail due to lack of cash rather than lack of profit. While profit may be flexible, there is nothing flexible in the amount of cash you have, or do not have, in the bank. It does not matter what size your business is, small, medium or large a focus on cash should always be a priority. SME’s however should have cash flow as a central priority even above profitability predictions, particularly at times of economic uncertainty.

230 miles 3 days – we did it

Well we did it 230 miles in 3 days and what an experience!!!

When John, my husband, asked if I wanted to see Paris in June I happily said yes then he announced we would be cycling all the way!

Up to March this year although I owned a bike I rarely rode it. Here I am end of June and I have cycled from Twickenham to Paris.

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